Training topics and format

The training I provide can either be out of the box, or bespoke.

I offer regular trainings across a variety of topics, delivered online. If you’d like to contact me about delivering something bespoke please send me an email.


  • Gay men and lesbian women
  • Bisexual people
  • Transgender men and women
  • Non-binary people
  • Asexual people
  • Kinky people
  • People who have more than one type of intimate relationship
  • Training is 3.5 hours including a 30 minute break.

    Training generally follows a similar format

    • Introduction to the topic: what do you know about the topic in general?
    • Experiential exercise to get you into the mindset of experiencing something that a GSRD person might experience
    • Feedback on learning from this exercise/learning from original Q&A
    • Case study vignette – a ‘client’ is presented for you and you will look at how you might respond
    • Final wrap up